Azerbaijani Ambassador to China: Chinese funded enterprises in Azerbaijan are increasing year by year

On May 26th, the Azerbaijani Embassy in China held an Azerbaijani National Day reception in Beijing. Vice Foreign Minister Ma Zhaoxu was invited to attend the reception and delivered a speech.


Ma Zhaoxu stated that China and Afghanistan are friendly and cooperative partners. China is willing to work together with the Arab side to fully implement the important consensus reached by the two heads of state, continuously improve the quality and level of mutually beneficial cooperation between China and Afghanistan, and promote the continuous development of China Arab relations.


As the Ambassador of Azerbaijan, I am pleased to see that the bilateral relations between Azerbaijan and China have been elevated to a new level in recent years and are in the most glorious period in history. Azerbaijan’s Ambassador to China, Jenali, highly praised the development momentum of bilateral relations and the results of the Samarkand meeting between the two heads of state, stating that the relationship between Azerbaijan and China is based on friendship, mutual respect and trust, and that the development of relations with China is a diplomatic priority direction for the Arab side, We are willing to give play to our regional advantages, continue to actively participate in the joint construction of the “the Belt and Road”, and expand Arab Chinese cooperation in various fields.


Janali introduced that today, Azerbaijan is an important trade partner of China in the South Caucasus. In 2022, the trade volume between Azerbaijan and China reached 2.2 billion US dollars, an increase of 21% compared to last year. China is Azerbaijan’s fourth largest trading partner. At present, there are over 200 Chinese enterprises settling in Azerbaijan, and they are increasing every year. Chinese enterprises have successively conducted business in Azerbaijan’s industries, energy, infrastructure, information technology, trade, agriculture, and other fields.


Jenali also introduced that Azerbaijan is one of the first countries to support the “the Belt and Road” initiative. Azerbaijan is located at the Eurasian border and actively invests in infrastructure construction both domestically and in the region, hoping to become a transportation hub and logistics center for transit transportation in the region


According to data from the Ministry of Commerce, in 2022, China became Azerbaijan’s largest source of smartphone imports. In 2022, Azerbaijan imported approximately 676000 smartphones, with a total value of $150 million. Among them, 408000 smartphones from China were worth $90.28 million.