Win win cooperation! BGI Gene and Azerbaijan Mediterranean Anemia Center Sign Cooperation Agreement

On the afternoon of September 6, 2022 Beijing time, BGI Gene held an online signing ceremony for strategic cooperation with the Azerbaijan Mediterranean Anemia Center. Both sides plan to conduct scientific research cooperation on the prevention and control of thalassemia, aiming to improve Azerbaijan’s ability to prevent and control thalassemia. This project marks the official launch of the first batch of overseas “poverty alleviation” projects by BGI, and is an important milestone in BGI’s “poverty free world” strategic goal.


Thalassemia is one of the current public health issues of high concern worldwide, and Azerbaijan has one of the highest incidence rates of thalassemia, with a birth rate of approximately 1/1000 children with severe thalassemia. Out of a population of 10 million, it is estimated that more than 150 affected children born in poverty are born each year.


As a leading global institution in the field of life sciences, Huada has completed multiple internationally advanced genomics research projects. Based on high-strength research and development investment and continuous technological accumulation, Huada Gene has achieved a series of important patent achievements in upstream experimental and information technology for molecular detection, reproductive health, tumor prevention and control, and infectious disease prevention and control. In the future, BGI Gene will continue to focus on cutting-edge technological innovation, integrate interdisciplinary and interdisciplinary innovation resources at home and abroad, bravely climb the world’s technological peak, and make contributions to improving human health and well-being.